Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our Tuesday twit is Mongane Wally Serote... But we will remember them, we don't need no steenkin wall!

Mongane Wally Serote is a twit, unfortunately his stance cannot be changed because his views are just as cast in stone as the wall he and his ilk are building between communities in this country. So Wally, thanks but no thanks, we will remember our fallen in other ways.
We will write books about their deeds, we will keep them in our memories and put their names on virtual walls for all the world to see.

I would rather see the names of our heroes, both living and dead on these memorials than with those of people that blew up innocent non combatants and necklaced so called collaborators in the townships. Terrorism is not heroism.

Some online memorials can be found here;
Saffer Wiki an online repository that is being built for all SA related military matters, from as early as we can gather, as well as the opponents side of things.
Honoris Crux recipients.
From a hero's daughter's perspective.

1 comment:

Forzavryheid said...

How abso-frikkin-lutely STUPID.

A "freedom" wall that remembers Communists?


Somebody save us from the idiots that have somehow managed to gain control of this once prosperous and proud country we call South Africa.

I on the other hand, will NEVER forget the brave soldiers who fought and died to protect us from this evil ideology.

Screw Cuba and their soldiers.