Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beware! MySpace spam? FaceBook next?

"MySpace to cash in on profiles20/09/2007 11:20 - (SA)
Los Angeles - News Corporation's MySpace social networking site is using personal details contained on users' profile pages and blogs to sell highly targeted advertising, the company said on Wednesday.
The website started the first phase of its "interest targeting" experiment in July, culling likes and dislikes from its users' pages to sell ads in 10 broad categories such as finance, autos, fashion and music."

After reading this report I am thinking of taking down my profile at FaceBook as well because they will be next to climb on the gravy train. I originally joined FaceBook because some of my family members here and overseas were also using it and sent me invitations to join... but the idea of me getting spammed while using it is just not on... so bye bye. Prepare to be scuttled...
The same goes for the Google/Blogger empire... if I think they are misusing me I will just pull up my roots and move to my own domain... I have two and they are underutilised as it is... I have learned a few programming languages in the past and to host my blogs myself would not be a huge challenge... so be warned... tread lightly or I pack my bags and light outta here! I'm a cyber gypsy...
G'night all... I am tuckered out after 3 physio sessions and writing 3 blogs in one day as well as witnessing our 20/20 team go down in flames and not qualifying for the semi's...

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