Friday, September 21, 2007


I think I overdid my exercises yesterday... I have backache, bellyache, and even my arms are sore... so I only did two sessions today... and I can move my foot more than yesterday, yay! Tomorrow I will see if I can get behind the wheel... Shrek has been serviced and repaired and should be back under the carport on Tuesday... seems like it will still be at least 5 weeks before we can head out on the highway again... dang! I have an itch that needs scratching...
TUT had this to say today "Think of everyone on the planet, everyone, as your special friend...And so they shall become. Dang."
When I look at my favourites and my Blogroll I can see that, some of those bloggers feel like close friends and some even are. Others touch my soul and others make me think, then there are the guys that just think like me. However others have faded from the scene... as one fades a new star usually rises. It makes life interesting.
No music or vids today... I am on a musical sabbatical, I am not in the mood for music at present, it kind of hurts too much... I am working on a music blog though... keep watching for Angelic Voices, it will be worth it I promise.
"I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it." Rita Mae Brown
Footnote: Eina is an Afrikaans colloquialism for "Ouch".

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