Thursday, September 13, 2007

Getting better

KatieB's daughter B has come down with a tummy virus. It's no fun not being able to keep you food down. I can handle a cold or flu but when I get Gyppo I am meaner than a Honey Badger being deprived of honey so I imagine how she feels. Being a single mom with a child that is ill is no fun either, it kinda eats into your leave time. So I hope this clears up quick for both of them.
On the home front I am also quite amazed how well I feel, today I did the wrap the leg in plastic thing and had a shower! As I am allowed to put slight pressure on the leg I was able to balance quite well while indulging in a long shower... I feel good and clean and fresh. This was after I had vacuumed part of the flat... quite an easy job even with one leg. Tomorrow I do the rest. It is just a pity the cast has to stay on till next Thursday... My Doctor had a death in the family and had to reschedule, my thoughts are with his family.
My children have also had friends experience tragedy this past week and my heart goes out to all the families that have lost children this week. Children are supposed to survive their parents, not the other way around. Here is a song to cheer everyone up...

[via FoxyTunes / D:Ream]- Things can only get better

You can walk my path
You can wear my shoes
Let her talk like me
And be an angel too

But maybe
You ain't never gonna feel this way
You ain't never gonna know me
But I know you...
Teach you now that

Things can only get better
Can only get, can only get
They get on from here
You know, I know that
Things can only get better

I sometimes lose myself in me
I lose track of time
And I can't see the wood from the trees
You set them alight, burning the bridges as you go
I'm too weak to fight you
I got my personal health to deal with
And you say

Walk my path
Wear my shoes
Talk like me
I'll be an angel and

Things can only get better
Can only get better
Now I've found you
(That means me)
(Will you teach me now)
Things can only get better
Can only get better
Now I've found you

And you and you...
You... show me prejudice and greed
You show me how
I must learn to deal with this disease
I look at things now
In a different light than I did before
I found the cause
And I think that you could be my cure
And you say

Walk your path
Wear your shoes
Talk like that
I'll be an angel too


These things make me realise that one should never put of things that matter till tomorrow, tell that person in your life that they are important and be there for them no matter what.Most importantly... give thanks when the sun rises for a new day.
"Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy." Honduran Proverb

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