Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finding the fire within

This video and should make us all realize how awesomely wonderfully the Universe is being created before our very eyes.

This past Sunday I decided to tone down my blogging and other online activities to meditate with the Bible and have some solitude. It was not something I read in Scripture but an idea that I felt I had to carry out. I am so glad I did because very often I do not...

On Monday loaded all my Christian, instrumental and classic music... I have been missing this. Checked my mail and answered what had to be done then went back to some cleaning... both of the flat and my soul. My reading for the day was Colossians 2:10 how we are completed in Him with the Holy Spirit and 4:12 where we are reminded to pray for one another.
On Tuesday I did what was needed for the weeks reports then I went shopping for some music, I was looking for some Gregorian Chants and managed to find 2 albums... One by Canto Gregiano and the other by St Dominic's Priory... plus I bought Daughtry... their songs just touch my soul but I will be listening to them later this week, in the meantime my soul has a hunger for Chant... something in the Latin words is just filling a hunger in my heart plus all my Christian music... I must listen to it more often and get Winamp to play more of it. My reading for the day was Psalm 119... a prayer for purification, sanctification, blessings and guidance. Read the whole psalm, you will be astounded.
On Wednesday I had a Physio appointment... She is very happy with my progress and attitude. I also had electro therapy... at first I felt nothing but as the current started to stimulate my nerves it kicked in, a pleasant tingle. Since then the exercises have been easier to do. I compare it to becoming aware of how the Holy Spirit has slowly revitalised my spiritual life.
I was also invited for a drink by my best friend at their bike club, I had quite a good time but the amazing thing was that I got a chance to have a chat to another biker that is planning a trip on his father's bike, something they had spoken about but never done as the father had been killed in a car accident a while ago. I gave him a short version of my 12 days in the Cape and encouraged him to do the adventure they had planned as tribute and witness to his fathers memory. Never say no to following a shared dream, even if one of you is no longer there. God speed Max and go with the memory of your dad and the best wishes from me. I will be thinking of you. As I drove home in the spring rain I knew that rejuvenation had returned to the dry countryside as well. My reading for the day was just browsing through and reading some passages I had underlined in the past, a sort of review of where I was and had come from. Amazing how many times the word seven is used, yet my concordance has no references to look up... I think this is a study on it's own so I am going to do so some time soon.
On Thursday I read some of my regular blogstops and found that somehow they were also having introspective episodes... quite amazing as their experiences sort of found an echo in my soul. Just Peachy was giving advice on keys, Scully has also taken a break and her next one is also a good read.
But BWH's one had me smiling because I feel like partying as well after realising that I have been welcomed back with open arms. The reading for the day was Isaiah 59:17 and Ephesians 6:10-18, how we are to armour ourselves and be a witness. Just like I should have had all the kit on the day of my accident we have to dress for spiritual success.
On Friday we said goodbye to my assistant at work, Monday means I have to start training a new assistant... Then I dropped off M as he and the Lady Cheetahs are on their way to Pretoria for the Semi finals... Holding thumbs for Saturday's game. Watched some of the RWC games and had an early night. The reading for the day was from quite a few passages, almost a summary of Renewal if you like; Psalm 51:10 Renewal and Cleansing, Isaiah 40:31 and Psalm 103:5 given the Strength of eagles, 2 Corinthians 4:16 Renewal of our spiritual being, Ephesians 4:23 Renewal of our Attitude and Romans 12:2 our minds being renewed to focus on God's will. WOW
On Saturday Shrek got delivered and I parked it on it's spot in the carport, had this urge to kit up and take a spin... that will have to wait till I can put weight on my leg (sigh)... Then I went to visit my best friend, to chew some cud and have a chat about bikes and life. After that I headed to the MX track and had a ball until the sun set trying out the sprinkler system with Anton and watching all the guys practice... the smell of damp earth, petrol and exhaust fumes made me feel so alive again. Now that the track is watered more often we have more and more blokes wanting to ride and join... this was money well spent and I am also thankful to all the firms that chipped in to fund the system. This sport is now so part of my life I cannot think of not being involved in some way or another. Then we all headed to Duggie's place for a sundowner...Caught the last few minutes of the Sharks/Cheetahs game... The Cheetahs won... both the Currie Cup team and the ladies team that my son M assists as sport scientist, he had sms'd me earlier the day, I am so glad that his team is on the way to the final, all his and the coaches hard work this season has paid off and it is another notch in his CV. My kids make me so proud! L has been busy all the time this break with assignments, I would have left them for next term if I was in her shoes. The reading was Isaiah 41:10, God assures us of his presence... and on Sunday Pastor had a sermon based on Revelation 3:20-23 on how we can Overcome the world through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and it just summed up what has been happening all week on a spiritual level. So looking back I realise it was the Holy Spirit that had put that idea of taking a break in my head... He wanted to spend some time with me and I was blessed to be obedient. So next time you have a crazy idea it may well be a prompt from Heaven for you to find the Fire Within. I have...

This is the second awesome video and should make us all realize how awesomely wonderfully we are created. Pity about the commercial at the end though, not my favourite make of car, now if it were Subaru...
It's the thirst for approval, validation and justification, from sources outside of yourself, that blinds you to the fact that they need not be earned.

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