Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Amica donna mia

The title means "My lady friend" in Italian, to me the most romantic language to listen to in song, as I do not speak it or French for that matter I suppose it is a silly statement, but I have always found Italian songs more comfortable on the ear than French. Francisco Napoli, Eros Ramazzotti, Zuchero, Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli and the list goes on, all favourites of mine and all speak to my heart better than most French singers, the exception being Francoise Hardy... I had a schoolboy crush on her when her song Only You Can Do It (Je veux qu'il revienne) was a hit in the mid sixties and the pictures of her helped too...
I remember this one... sellotaped to my door...
My image of the quintessential Biker Chick... maybe she started me thinking about bikes?
Francois today... still good looking but not my type anymore... but I still like her music. In any case this is going slightly off track here, I wanted to focus on the Italian singers and the way they carry the passion of the song through their voices.

The song in question by Eros Ramazotti will always hold a special place in my heart as it reminds me of KatieB, when I hear it I picture her on the stand at the track, score sheet in hand, watching the bikes going over the finish jump while the song plays over the PA. I suppose I should have been focused on the race but I could not help stealing a glance her way and noticing how enthralled she was with the race. I think I feel the same way when I look at her, I see someone that is willing to put up with this crazy guy that loves motorbikes and dirt racing then I realize it is more than that... she actually shares my passions, how great is that? So to my Amica donna mia I want to say you stole my heart again that day... I hope to lose it each time we have an adventure or spend time together. Can one lose your heart to a friend? I believe so... I had better stop before I cause another Tsunami...

Just like a month ago when I went and blurted out my feelings over coffee and muffins... not that they have changed much. I have just learned to take each day at a time and be the person that she feels safe with, it is a learning curve for both of us I suppose but every day I realize this is a precious thing that has been given to us and we should treat it as such and nurture it like a special plant in a garden, too much water and it drowns, too much fertiliser and it wilts, too much pruning and it dies back. What I want to say is that I will always be your friend my Amica donna mia...

So here is my verse set to the same title:
Ere there was a time I was alone like the sands on the shore,
One amongst a billion, unseen unnoticed, unwitnessed,
Then my eyes were opened,
My soul was touched,
My life became reality,
You became my witness and I became yours,
You showed me that my dreams had purpose,
You became a lighthouse in my storms,
My arms became stronger,
Walls came tumbling down,
Friendship forged through adventure shared,
Amica donna mia forever.

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