Monday, August 27, 2007

è finito


I finished the book, Leonardo was a fascinating person but also very human.

His inventions like this parachute were way before the time and technology. What struck me was the way he sorted out his affairs before he died, not many people get to do this as I was reminded so rudely last week. His biggest regret seemed to be that there were still so many things to discover and that he had been tardy in his pursuit of knowledge. I think most of us can feel this way in today's hectic world, that is why each day should be dealt with on it's own.

I believe we should give thanks for the day that is done when we lay our head down to sleep, thanks for the things done and accomplished, thanks for another adventure, thanks for another day we could be our best.
Tomorrow is something to be tackled on it's own and for this we should give thanks when we wake up tomorrow as we face the adventure of another day on this spinning blue dot.
As a Nadia Ali fan I will end this with the words from one of IIO's songs called At the End... Their dance music makes me feel alive when I listen to it and the lyrics make me think.
At The End - Nadia Ali
When you're away, I'm feeling empty
I lose my mind
But when you're around, I take for granted
Most of our time

Honey you say that I'm cold
And sometimes I'm out of control
Baby, you know how I am, at the end, you're always mine

I don't mean to when I hurt you
But I need you, I can show you
Just let me be when I'm crazy,
At the end you're still my only.
At the end [x3]

Right when you're gone, I really miss you
You got my heart.
When you come back, I just wanna kiss you
And it tears you apart.
Honey do make me stay,
Believe me it's better this way.
Baby I'm true and I'm real.
I'm giving you all that I feel.

[Chorus x2]

Sweety, I'm trying my best,
To give you the most and the less.
Darling, I'm true and I'm real,
I'm giving you all that I feel.

[Chorus x2]
"I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new." Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)

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