Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sorry Sony

but the more you guys do this the less confidence we as consumers will have in your products...

"Sony's MicroVault USB memory stick and fingerprint reader includes software that creates a hidden directory on the computer's hard drive, researchers with Finnish security software maker F-Secure Corp reported on the company's blog on Monday.
Such software that hides itself, which is known as a root kit, leaves room for hackers to secretly infect personal computers, they said."


curmudgeon said...

I used to like Sony products. They at one time had quality stuf. The old "Sony - no baloney" mantra actually carried some weight.

I will no longer buy ANY Sony product.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you got a chuckle or two.

RobC said...

Thanks for popping in on one of mine... I have too many but it is part of my nature to have more than one pot on the boil. :-)