Thursday, August 30, 2007

Heads up

I have the framework for a rather long posting mulling in my head at present so bear with me as I whittle away at the thing. In the meantime I am doing my physio exercises and slowly getting back to doing a chore or two. My kids are so patient with me! M however bought pizza tonight... I guess he is tired of slaving in the kitchen... he has always liked cooking but I guess enough is enough. I was going to do a Flaming Pink playlist by using FoxyTunes and my collection but alas the PC crashed... next time maybe. KatieB texed me that she sent me a G-mail... still waiting for it to land in my inbox and of course I am dying of curiosity as to what it is, seems like a mail server somewhere is choking and not sending it through. Just my luck.
Firehand was quite impressed with my comments on his blog recently and tells a similar fishing tale as my C4 version. I enjoy his blog a lot as he delves into blacksmithing and guns and a lot in between, maybe when I do that T2T trip we will have a chance to have some cold ones together and share more stories.
To Donna, it is always a pleasure helping someone with their blog, or anything else for that matter, that is what gained knowledge is there for, to be shared. I always get a kick helping people these days, when I was younger I tended to keep these things to myself... thank goodness I have mellowed.

But I am still young at heart... my latest music find is also a favourite of my daughter, I think 30 Seconds To Mars rocks! She loves the lead singer... I love the music and lyrics. Here is one of their songs... enjoy.

[via FoxyTunes / 30 Seconds to Mars] - From yesterday.
"The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one." Joan Baez (1941 - )

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