Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shrinking foot

I had to tighten op my brace today, it was almost falling off when I moved about and did my exercises, I sure am glad that the swelling is going down, my meds run out tomorrow then I go "cold turkey" but I think that will be survivable. The nerve blocker is also having weird effects... but I will leave the description thereof, this is a family blog! Although I can relate to some other bloggers that have described various medical ailments and procedures... and the effects. Felling parts missing but knowing they are there is rather weird...
I also hope KatieB survives the Melodrama... drinking plenty of water does help... She has more guts than I have, that event is a serious assault on the liver... last one I attended I think I broke ten chairs from jumping up and down with laughter, or was it from dancing on them... cannot really recall what... I just know I was broke for three months after and had the mother of all hangovers the next day. I must say the ladies were never mad at us spending all that money bidding for the Indian to come and encore his act... They had these cheshire cat smiles for a week.
Talking of cheshire cat's, seems like one of my favourite bloggers has had the rug swept out from under him, Ambulance Driver and Babs are an item, I am so happy for them, good stuff happens to good people.
M's team had a 0-15 loss to the Sharkies... but all the other teams won so as far as sport goes a fine day was had by all, I hope the Off Road in Rouxville went well, I am really sad that I had to miss that but I would not have been a good Steward if I had gone, sleeping on the job is not part of the procedure. Hopefully as the meds wear off I will become more alert... at present I am lucid one moment and snoring the next, much to the cats delight...
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." Anais Nin (1903 - 1977), The Diary of Anais Nin, volume 3, 1939-1944

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